Warning: Use the files at your own risk. HeloSim.Com is NOT responsible for the misuse or damage ensued by these programs.
Comanche 4 - NovaLogic:
FLY II - Terminal Reality:

Enemy Engaged Comanche vs. Hokum:

Enemy Engaged Apache vs. Havoc :

EECH Wallpaper - 800x600
helo_wallpaper1.jpg (279198 


KA-52 Team Alligator MOD files:

KA-52 Alligator wallpaper - 800x600

Longbow II: utilities and MOD files:
    Enables ICQ support and command-line insertion of players IP address and execution of Apache Havoc. Wish I could do something like this for Longbow 2.
  • 2 Much Memory
    Problems running Longbow 2 on a PC with more than 366 megabytes of system RAM?
    This unusual looking stand-alone utility controls the "MaxPage" setting in the SYSTEM.INI file allowing you to set/restart and play your favorite sim. It also can be controlled by command line or in shortcut so no button clicking is required.
  • TerraFORMA
    This program will let you set the vertical scale of the Azerbaijan and NTC maps. So you can for example turn the flat desert of the NTC area into mountainous terrain or the hills of Azerbijan into green flatlands.
    This program gives a little more flexibility to mission builders who can now specify which height preset level their missions are intended for.
  • Pilot Editor 1.2
    Flag your dead robot guys as live robot guys, change their names, skill level, rank.
  • Missioneer PLUS
    no info available
  • Missioneer
    This utility saves out: campaign and randomly generated missions allowing them to be loaded later as pre-generated missions.
    To install, copy it to your Longbow2/Missions directory and create a shortcut to it on your desktop or start menu.
    Clicking on a SAVE button brings up the name entry window. Type in the name you want to save it as (or double click in the file list window to overwrite an existing one).
  • Weaponeer
    Edit FARP inventories of saved mission files. This function is now included in the new MissioneerPLUS editor.
    This utility allows you to extract mission information such as waypoints, flight time, mission briefing text etc. and saves it as HTML format.
    To install, unzip it to your /longbow2/missions/ directory and run ZZ.BAT, this will generate files for all 10 of the pre-generated missions. Don't forget to read the readme file.
    It works well on scripted missions, the pre-gens' and the special order flights but not so well on other types of missions.
  • ChopperMAX
    This utility allows you to save out campaign missions, instant action and Randomly generated missions as single missions.
    With netplay, if you choose a mission your linked player does not have, a crash will result. ChopperMAX has an easy to use single click feature to swap out ALL ChopperMAX saved missions leaving you with a virgin MISSIONS directory.

HIND : utilities and MOD files:

Win95 Patch Release: Feb 97

New Features:
New WSO operation modes
Audible undercarriage
Optional 'wimp mode' landing cushion
Description in mission debrief of crash-land cause
Provision of R-60's for two-player flights
Bugs fixed:
Disabling of rudder while panning corrected
Debug Fatal removed from 3D Visual code
Problem causing occasional crashes at the final Afghanistan campaign animation fixed
Bug causing occasional crashes after clicking 'Okay' button on situation screen removed
All models of Thrustmaster sticks now technically supported

Gunship! : utilities and MOD files:
  • Gunship Patch by Hasbro
    This customizable version of Gunship! allows you to alter the way the program behaves. This version loads the custom.ini file and alters the settings it finds specified. You must alter the custom.ini file (text) in order for your preferences to take effect. (See read me for instructions.)
  • Custom Flight Model
    made by DuckHunter - brought to you by HeloSim.Com . This is the best one we've seen yet.
  • GunTool U.S. v1.3C
    developed by RUDI - brought to you by HeloSim.Com . Campaign editing tool that makes things a whole lot easier and faster. Updates scheduled in the future. Check the readme for instructions. E-mail HeloSim.Com for tech-support.

Gunship! Wallpaper 1024x768

Comanche Gold : utilities and MOD files:
  • Comanche Gold Official Patch
    This update adds the following features:
    • Allows Comanche to be run inside of Windows 95
    • Adds an icon to the Windows 95 desktop to launch the game
    • Eliminates the need for a boot disk on DOS/Windows 3.1 machines

    This update corrects the following problems:

    • Corrupted video on computers with video cards containing S3 chips.
    • Fixes bug that causes floppy disk version to reboot on Pentium machines.
    • Adds a top speed lock option to slow the game down on fast computers.
    • Updates Soundset to work with non-standard IRQ and DMA channels.

Team Apache : utilities and MOD files:
  • Team Apache Sound Patch for Windows98
    This small fix addresses the problem with 'crackling', break-up of sound when playing under Windows 98 (although no problems have yet been reported with Windows 95 this will fix them should they arise)

SAR | SARII | SARIII : utilities and MOD files:
Patch v. 1.03 (May 2001):

Below is described what's addressed in this patch...

Issue / location Description / problem
Helicopter physics Physics data file improved
Joystick controls POV (joystick hat) glance function enabled
Joystick controls Button for gears up/down enabled
Joystick controls Button for hoist door open/close enabled
Joystick controls Button for rope up enabled
Joystick controls Button for rope down enabled
Intro sequence Some computers would crash during play
Visual helicopter model Frontwheel rotation error
Music volume CD drives now stop running at zero volume

Click here to download the patch (zip file - 0.4MB)

(Unzip the file to an empty folder and double-click the exe file to install the patch.)

MicroSoft Flight Simulator 2000:

Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator:


  • Comanche 3 Sound Bug Patch
  • Cheats: When in flight press "R" and enter one of the following
    • RATZ - Invisibility
    • COWZ - Freeze opponents for 30 seconds
    • IPIG - Ammo overload
    • CAT9 - Double damage
    • DOG9 - All weapons
    • BAT9 - GPS Hellfires