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Viet Nam Med Evac
Hot off the heels of their successful helosim Search and Rescue 3, InterActive Vision unleashes a new and refreshingly original title. Moving into the battlefield, Vietnam Med Evac will place the player in the pilot's seat of a Huey transport and rescue helo.

The game takes place during the whole span of the conflict--1961 through 1975. Missions will follow a "historically based time-line". Your mission will be to receive tasking orders and trek through jungle environments, locate and land in LZs, retrieve the wounded, and make it back in one piece. Avoiding enemy strongholds and attack will require good piloting skills and sound judgment--there are men counting on you!


Apache Air Assault
`Apache Air Assault' allows players to soar into the heat of battle players in command of America's most advanced multi-role combat helicopter--an AH-64 Apache--fully equipped with radar-guided missiles, hydra rockets, and a M230 Chain Gun. With over 30 missions to choose from, the game challenges players to seek out and destroy the enemy threats before they destroy you.

"Apache Air Assault" challenges players to explore two types of diverse environments -- a dry, sweltering desert or lush, steamy jungle. In the desert environment, players navigate through a desolate style terrain laced with stony hills and rugged mountains. In the jungle environment, players pilot through a large treacherous river flowing through the center of lush landscape with plantations, huts, and camps. Players engage in a variety of heart-pounding assignments, including providing air support for friendlies, taking out military outposts, and protecting oil refineries.

AH-3 Thunderstrike air assault

Coastal Heroes
It's hard to improve on something great, but when the Coast Guard calls, you have to answer the challenge! Search & Rescue: Coastal Heroes is the newest installment of the successful Search and Rescue franchise, and is bringing you back into the fray as a heroic Coast Guard officer, entrusted with the daunting takes of rescuing ordinary people caught in extraordinary circumstances.

Search and Rescue beginners and helicopter fans alike will love this latest creation in a classic series, that gets you as close to the real experience of flying Coast Guard rescue missions as you can, without actually sitting in the cockpit.















Armed Forces Collection
  Includes 4 Complete Games!

Helosim: Comanche 4

6 extreme campaigns over urban, forest, arctic, desert and sea terrains

Quickly master flying and fighting using mouse & keyboard or joystick controls

Blast away at tanks, jets, missile-launching troops and more

Shoot missiles, rockets and the 20mm cannon

Detailed environments with rotor wash, shadows and spectacular explosions

Tanksim: Armored Fist 3

Over 50 missions in 4 campaigns set around the world

Work the controls as Commander, Driver and Gunner

Call in air support, artillery strikes and command a tank platoon

Delta Force 2

Over 40 missions in vast outdoor locations

Execute day and night operations in fog, rain and snow

Take aim with over 20 weapons, including sniper rifles, grenades and assault rifles

F-16 Multirole Fighter

Over 45 single player missions

Authentic Lockheed Martin approved flight model

Activate the Lantirn night vision system for key missions and precision bombing.


Helosim.com Battle Gear
That's right, flyboy, now you can strut around the office with your official Helosim.com Battle Mug,  T-shirt, mousepad, and many more items. All are quality made and affordable.

Helosim.com Mug       Helosim White T-Shirt

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Microsoft  Flight  Simulators

Take flight with superb realism and extensive accuracy from the world leader in flight sims.


Combat Flight Sim WWII Europe: 8 Classic planes, including the P-51D. London, Berlin, and other war-torn landscapes. Fully-Functioning cockpit gauges. Deadly dogfights and authentic bombing missions.


Fly the Cessna 182 Skylane, Boeing 737-400, and more. High resolution instrument panels. 3D acceleration snaps scenery into an electrifying dimension. 45 international metro areas, 20 US cities.




Comanche 4
FLY the U.S. Army’s next generation attack helicopter in over 30 extreme missions. FIRE a 20mm cannon, 70mm rockets, Stinger heat-seeking and Hellfire laser-guided missiles. FLY effortlessly with keyboard/ mouse shooter controls or just about any peripheral on the market. FIRE on enemy aircraft, ground troops, tanks, boats and more. FLY over stunning, interactive 3D terrain that reacts to the helicopter’s rotors. FIRE on your friends in the skies of NovaWorld with FREE online multiplayer .





Addon: you need MS Flight Sim 2002 or 2004

For FS2004 and FS2002 - Helicopters in Action

Robinson RS-44 Sikorsky S76 Eurocoptor 365 Bell 407 Bell 427 Multiple Offshore Oil Rigs Heliport Lower Manhattan Heliport London City Heliport Las Vegas Heliport Grand Canyon Enhanced Scenery Hawaii


Addon: you need MS Flight Sim 2002 or 2004

Chopper Havoc
Fly seven popular aircraft - The AH-1 Cobra, AH-64 Apache, OH-58 Kiowa, UH-1 Huey, UH-60 Blackhawk, SA-342 Gazelle and VH-3D Sea King(Marine 1 Presidential)

Travel to the military's busiest heliports - The US Army Proving Ground in Aberdeen, Maryland; Camp Yankee in Duxford, England; the bases in Pusan and Soeul -- even bases in Afghanistan and Iraq

Search and Rescue 3
The U.S. Coast Guard has once again put out the call for brave individuals to step forward and risk their very lives in the line of duty. In this latest installment of the critically acclaimed SAR series, you begin your career as an ensign and it is your job to command any of 3 authentic rescue choppers through over 100 new missions in an attempt to save lives.

All new features such as a moveable spotlight, realistic audio communication and the addition of the BK-117 and SH-3 Sea King helicopters make Search and Rescue 3 the most realistic helicopter rescue simulation ever created. Whether you're repairing a volatile oil rig, or plucking victims from frigid ocean swells, every mission will immerse you into authentic rescue situations.


Gameplay is where KA52 is unique. Other helosims don't go where KA52 goes, because they don't have to. KA52 resembles Team Apaches structure, but improves on it slightly. You have the opportunity to fly the KA52 as well as act as the Commander of a Russian aviation squadron of 5 other helos, not counting your own. The Campaign section of this sim is where it really shines. The intricate balance of team management in the areas of mechanics, supply and morale are all a welcome sight.



Welcome to the next generation of the FLY! franchise. Terminal Reality presents FLY! II, the sequel to the technologically- advanced general aviation simulation FLY!. Powered by the Photex3 graphics engine, FLY! II takes flight-simmers into new territory, with a new, exclusive aircraft- the Pilatus PC-12 Turboprop- as well as more points of interest, improved visual effects, dynamic environments and thorough tutorials, instructions and assistance for beginners.

With pre-configured single user adventures, downloadable community adventures, and extended multiplayer flight parties, FLY! II is sure to offer the most challenging flight-sim experience ever delivered to the PC.


Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs. Hokum

Features two playable combat helos, the US Comanche RAH-66 and the Russian HokumKA-52. The action ranges from navigating sparsely populated areas to hellacious firefights with stuff flying everywhere. This helosim boasts the mother of all dynamic campaigns and the best military vehicle graphics, period. Enemy Engaged hovers far above the pack. If you haven't tried a helosim before, this baby is your ticket.


Gunship! Gives you the chance to fly the AH-64 Apache, Westland Apache, Eurocopter Tigre or Mil-28 Havoc. The things that Gunship does right ... it does with a vengeance. The interface is rather easy to use. The intelligence reports, weather, and mission planning are a welcome site that is seldom seen in this genre. Each of the Single missions can be edited with Gunships powerful and easy to use "Battle Builder" feature which lets you edit or build your own missions. One of the most pleasing to look at helo-sims of today.

Comanche Gold includes an enhanced version of the
best-selling helicopter sim of 1997 — Comanche 3. New campaigns, new missions, a mission design tool, weather effects and much much more! Comanche Gold also includes a Bonus Campaign designed exclusively for NovaLogic by a former U.S. Army Team Comanche member.




Apache for the MAC!



Apache & Comanche Helosims
Older versions
Are you running an older computer and newer helosims require more power than you have? These older Apache and Comanche versions can be your ticket to solid & fun helosim action at a low price!


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