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KA-50 Black Shark

The very unique subject of the first DCS release, Black Shark, is the Kamov KA-50 single seat daylight close support helicopter (given the name “Hokum” by NATO). Black Shark possesses some of, if not the best flight dynamics modeling I’ve ever seen. You will need at the very least a few days to become a passable KA-50 pilot, and weeks more to become a good one. Kamov  supported the development of Black Shark, and real KA-50 pilots have approved of the flight model.

Battlefield 2


If you've played the BF42 mod Eve of Destruction, you have had a taste of what's to come with Battlefield Vietnam, but that's all, merely a taste. DICE has adopted the great gameplay and balance that makes Battlefield so addictive, coupled it with a new and far superior graphics rendering engine, infused new sounds, and expanded on many elements that take the game to the next level.


Fairstrike preview

fairstrike box

In Fairstrike, you battle terrorists and drug runners in the near future. Nothing new right? Well in our review of the Alpha version we were amazed at the graphics, gameplay and the interface. Hope that the "Gold" version has all that BUKA is promising.


Vietnam Med+Evac


One of the joys of the SAR series is the insistence on using proper rescue and flying procedures. You don't just get in and fly, you have to operate the machine. Opening doors, deploying the rescue gear, doing victim checks--these are little touches but they add up to a gratifying experience.

Red Shark


In Red Shark you control the Ka-50 helicopter involved in a set of top secret puzzling missions. You are to change the reality by interfering with the past. Don't waste an opportunity to change the history of the world as we know it.

Search And Rescue 3


This keeps getting better! Don't mistake the lack of combat with less challenge. In one mission I was tasked to search and rescue a film crew who were lost in the forests. The area was hilly, festooned with pine trees, it was pitch black (except for the nearby lighting), and a 30 knot wind, driving rain kept blowing me off course! I used the spotlight (which can be directed by the player) to illuminate the woods until I found the rascals.

Comanche 4


It is worth noting that Comanche 4 has some of the most engaging, interesting, and diverse missions of any simulation I've played. I really enjoyed completing one to see what was next on the Mission Impossible agenda. Yes, they are scripted but they are well-scripted. The missions vary from supporting amphibious attack operations, rescuing a yacht under attack by drug runners, shadowing a Cessna on its way to a drop, backing up Delta force during hostage rescues, attacking armored columns, and locating and destroying nerve gas plants.

Fly! 2


You have your pick of the Bell 407 helicopter, Pilatus PC-12, Kodiak twin engine, Aurora B200, Sahara single engine, and Barracuda B200, Flyhawk 172, and Peregrine 800 TR jet.

Every switch, button, and gauge is reproduced in the complete exactitude. In addition, most if not all have a popup window that gives you the state and value. This brings you much closer to controlling your craft and simulating the real thing than most sims.


Enemy Engaged: Comanche Vs. Hokum


Razorworks is a 9-strong, mild-mannered programming studio featuring talent from the golden era of Digital Integration. The studio's first title was Apache Havoc, which was first released 16 months ago. Building on the foundations of their earlier 3D engine, which does a great job at mimicking the visual style of full motion simulators used by the military, C-H finally realizes the intentions of the first game. It has a fully active theater of war with working multiplayer, obedient wingmen, and enhanced strategy elements.

Search And Rescue 2


Search And Rescue 2 (SAR2) is a simulator where the player takes control of a Dolphin HH65 helicopter. You will fly as a pilot, assigned to an American Coast Guard base, and experience the thrills and excitement of day to day search and rescue missions. As you progress in skill and rank, you will be faced with more difficult missions, and hazardous rescue attempts.

Longbow 2


Campaign play is quite extensive and dynamic. There are two different areas to fly in when selecting the campaign. Either Azerbaijan, Iran or the National Training Centre, at Fort Irwin, California. Both offer a difficult and realistic aspect of a helicopter pilots tactics in these different terrain’s. You can choose from four different flights in each mission screen during the campaign. You can also select whichever helicopter type you’d wish to fly during these missions as well. For instance, If you feel that the Kiowa is not enough fire-power for your recon mission, then you can use an Apache, if it’s available.



The Russian Bear is Stirring. Eastern Europe Just Went Code Red. Strap Into An Apache. You're The Point Man For WWIII. Russia Nationalism is back with a vengeance. From the ashes of economic despair into the heart of the former Soviet territories faster than a heat-seeking missile. Eastern Europe? Nothing less than the flashpoint for WWIII. Russian forces amassed on one side. NATO on the other. You? You're about to deploy the most devastating weapon in the inventory of war: the helicopter gunship. Finesse, raw power, stealth and speed blended in a high-wire balancing act of exact proportions. In 21st Century War, the fate of the world can turn on one micro-engagement in the epicenter of the action. So fly low. And strike deep.



The Hind is the most formidable frontline helicopter in the Soviet military machine; uglier than a hunchback from Hell & meaner than Yeltsin with a hangover. Now you can fly the helicopter nicknamed "The Bogeyman" by NATO pilots, in campaigns across Afghanistan, Kazakhstan & Korea. Fly head-to-head against the formidable Apache Longbow in the first link in DI's Virtual Battlefield series.

KA-52 Team Alligator


Team Alligator is a flight simulation of the Kamov Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopter. Set in two campaign areas - Belarusia and Tajikistan - and a Siberian training zone, you play the commander of a Russian Army aviation squadron. Your unit comprises six Alligator helicopters, the support personnel and aircrew. As commander, you have the responsibility for planning and executing missions while managing your personnel and resources to ensure the efficient operation of your team. In missions you will fly as the lead pilot and issue combat orders while fighting at low level, under enemy fire. While there’s a great deal of depth to Team Alligator, it is possible to dive straight into the game and throw yourself into the thick of the fighting.

Control Zone
Keyboard Cover


Whether it be computer games, flight simulators or learning a new software package, Control Zone Interactive puts you in control.

Knowing the basics are one thing... to have the complete command set on top of your keyboard is another! You will fly better, fight better, know your virtual world better... and best of all, you'll be better at what you do the minute you... Lay it & Play it!